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What Are Different Types of Access Control? October 31, 2019

Sharonville, Hamilton
What Are Different Types of Access Control?, Sharonville, Ohio

No matter what kind of business you run, it's important that you do everything you can to keep it safe. An effective way to do this is to install an access control system that restricts access to places or other resources electronically. Learn more about how this system could benefit your business, and determine which system is right for you.

Why It’s Important

Access control is a necessary component of any business because it protects the main entrance of a building, in addition to specific rooms. The system can help your business by blocking intruders or keeping classified information safe.

Mandatory Access Control

access controlThis system is most frequently used in government and military environments, and other facilities where confidentiality is of supreme importance. In this system, every staff member who works for your company with a proper identification badge can receive access to your building. If your company is in the same building as another organization, this system will prohibit unauthorized individuals from entering your facility without an escort.

Discretionary Access Control

As the name suggests, this system gives you more flexibility about deciding who has access to your facility. It's much less restrictive than other access control systems because it grants you complete control, and you can operate it on your own business computer.

Role-Based Access Control

With this system, you have the opportunity to give different levels of access to various staff members. For example, you may give new employees access only to areas that relate to their specific roles.


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