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3 Tips for Removing Carpet Over Hardwood Floors October 24, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Tips for Removing Carpet Over Hardwood Floors, Lincoln, Nebraska

Many homeowners want the natural elegance and easy clean-up that come with hardwood floors. Luckily, there are some cases when what they seek is just hidden beneath carpeting. If you’ve discovered this about your home and are thinking of exposing it, use the following advice to guide you.

How to Best Pull Up Carpeting

1. Prepare the Room

Before taking up the carpet, take all the furniture out of the room. You should also remove any doors that swing into the space. A few days before you begin the work, consult with local trash haulers about how to best dispose of the carpet you pull up. Also, invest in protective gloves and a mask since old dirt and allergens will likely be stirred up by the project.

2. Take It Slow & Steady

Start in a corner and pick up the edge of the carpet with pliers. You can then pull it by hand along the wall. Cut the carpet into strips around 3-ft wide, taking care not to damage the floor. Any transitions where new sections of carpet begin can be left in place since they are probably stapled in. This can best be removed later using a floor scraper instead of pliers.

Hardwood floors3. Refinish the Floor 

Once the floors are exposed, make sure all staples are removed before sweeping the area of debris as thoroughly as possible. To give the hardwood a lustrous gleam, refinishing will come next. Hire a professional to sand and stain the boards to your desired color. It can help to cover any wall outlets or vents before their arrival to make sure these don’t get filled with dust.


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