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A Brief Introduction to Shark Meat October 22, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
A Brief Introduction to Shark Meat, Manhattan, New York

If you’re an adventurous eater and are curious about trying shark meat, you can easily find a wide range of options at your favorite seafood restaurant. Before you delve into your meal, consider this intriguing information to help you better understand the intricacies and complexities of the dish.

A Guide to Shark Meat


It’s legal to consume shark meat in the United States, but the process of finning the fish has spurred tremendous controversy. This is why many seafood restaurants offer substitutes that replicate the flavor of the delicacy and provide just as much flavor. For example, spiny dogfish and mahi-mahi are both commonly employed in its place. The former is a type of shark species, so it lends itself well to the dish for those who are interested in authentic shark meat.


seafood restaurantShark meat is prepared in a variety of ways. Because it can spoil fast, it’s important to brine and marinate the meat swiftly to protect it. Some cooks may also prefer to soak it in milk for several hours to minimize any odors. Then it can be cooked to your liking, depending on what you generally prefer of your seafood. For example, shark filets can be marinated and baked with cheese and breadcrumbs for a nutty, savory dish. The meat can even be grilled and skewered with vegetables to make kabobs. Some might prefer to layer it in a sandwich for a fresh take on their usual seafood restaurant favorites. 


So long as the meat is properly prepared, you may associate the taste of shark with swordfish. It’s quite firm, and it possesses a very slight sweetness. However, it can also resemble the taste of chicken, depending on how it’s prepared.  



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