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How to Make the Most of Your Wellness Retreat October 23, 2019

Kensington, 13
How to Make the Most of Your Wellness Retreat, 13, Maryland

If you’re planning to attend a professional retreat at a wellness destination, it’s important to remember that you’re ultimately going get out what you put in. In other words, you’ll have to make an active effort to engage with the other guests and take advantage of every opportunity that arises. Here’s a closer look at where your mindset should be. 

3 Strategies for Getting All You Can From a Wellness Retreat 

1. Stay in the Moment 

A luxurious wellness destination should awaken all the senses. Thankfully, this makes it fairly easy to remain present. If you happen to find your consciousness drifting back to the office, however, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remember where you are.

It’s perfectly natural for clinicians to stress about work even when they're away—especially if they're used to being on call—but the only way you'll truly be able to enjoy the retreat is if you dedicate yourself to staying in the moment. Anything that demands your attention back at the office will still be there when you get home, so you can address it then. 

2. Limit Smartphone Use 

wellness destinationYou can't expect to feel rejuvenated at the end of your retreat if you never actually disconnect from your bustling practice. Turning off your phone may not be an option, but you can at least make it a point to limit how much time you spend on it.

Reserve an hour a day for checking messages, and only respond to those that require it. Otherwise, engage with other participants while immersing yourself in all that the wellness destination has to offer. 

3. Determine Your Intentions

What do you hope to gain from attending a retreat? Relaxation? Rejuvenation? Motivation? The only way to achieve a goal is by setting it in advance.

Get a small journal for the trip—you’ll be happy you have one on hand as the epiphanies come to you—and write down your intentions on the first page. Refer back to this page often over the course of the week so you can ensure you stay on track. 


Metro Collaborative caters to overworked, under-appreciated clinicians by helping to facilitate what they need. Based in New York City, this health care networking group hosts relaxing yet productive retreats at a luxurious wellness destination in the Dominican Republic. They also hold peer-to-peer dinners and other events all year long for their valued members. To learn more about the retreats they offer, visit their website. To reserve your place, call (609) 876-9163 and speak with a team member. 

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