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How Physical Therapy Helps Running Injuries October 22, 2019

Church Point, Acadia
How Physical Therapy Helps Running Injuries, Church Point, Louisiana

As a runner, keeping your body healthy is crucial. As such, it’s crucial to get treatment as quickly and effectively as possible if you sustain an unexpected injury. Physical therapy, in particular, can do wonders to help you recover and get back to your usual routine. The following guide outlines a few signs you may need treatments, as well as the helpful ways physical therapy will ensure you can continue doing what you love.

What Are Some Signs You Need Physical Therapy?

physical-therapy-Church-Point-LAThere are a few key types of pain that indicate a need for physical therapy. After running, you might experience tenderness or soreness in the Achilles tendon, swelling or aches in the knee joint, tightness in the calves or hamstrings, or weakness overall on one leg. If you notice any of these symptoms, and they don’t dissipate after two days of rest, opt for physical therapy.

How Does Physical Therapy Help?

First, your doctor will focus on muscle-building exercises to help make the area surrounding the injury stronger and more limber. Next, they’ll go through stretches to help work out any tightness or soreness. Finally, they’ll prescribe at-home treatments to ease your recovery and help prevent any further damage once you get back to running. For example, they may have you use a foam roller to prevent lactic acid build-up, or they may recommend using hot or cold treatments to prevent swelling or tension.


If you’re a runner and you were recently injured, physical therapy will help get you back up and on the pavement in no time. The professionals at The Road Home Therapy Center in Church Point, LA, have provided top-quality rehabilitation services to residents since 1978, and they will work with you to create a customized plan to help you recover. Visit their website to learn more about their services, and call (337) 684-6318 to schedule an appointment today.

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