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An Introduction to PIRP Courses November 22, 2019

Beechwood, Rochester
An Introduction to PIRP Courses, Rochester, New York

Some drivers might incur traffic violations over the many years on the road. When it happens in New York, they may accrue points on their driving record or even receive a suspension of the driver’s license.. Fortunately, you can reduce your total points by taking the PIRP course from accredited providers. Here's what you need to know about this class and how it can benefit you. 

What Is a PIRP Course?

PIRP, short for Point and Insurance Reduction Program, is a safety class offered to drivers. Sometimes known as the defensive driving course, it covers different techniques on how to be a responsible driver. It provides updated and detailed information for preventing accidents on the road.  PIRP courses refresh the driver’s knowledge of the latest rules and regulations since some areas implement changes for better traffic flow and road safety. They give useful tips and techniques when driving under challenging road conditions like snow, heavy rains, and storms. They also cover responsible driving practices and habits, and updated New York traffic laws and signs.  

Apart from refreshing your driving knowledge, taking the PIRP course may help you keep your license longer. Under the New York driving point system, racking up 11 points worth of traffic violations or improper driving practices within 18 months can result in the suspension of your license. Completing the DMV-approved course gives the driver up to four points from your driving record. However, it doesn’t stop a mandatory suspension or revocation, decrease future violation points, or remove your responsibility of paying fines. 

Another benefit to the PIRP course is lower auto insurance premiums. You receive a 10% discount on the collision and liability portion of your vehicle’s  insurance policy for three years. All you need to do is to present your certificate of completion to get reduced rates upon annual renewal.

How Can You Take the Class?

There are several PIRP courseoptions for taking the 320-minute PIRP course. Apart from the conventional classroom setup, it’s also offered online.  No matter how you take it, make sure to enroll in a DMV-accredited course to receive the state-recognized certificate. If you don't have the time to attend the classroom training in person, consider taking an online course so you can do it at your own pace.

Learn more about the PIRP course when you enroll at Morgan School of Driving. With three locations in Rochester, Fairport, and Greece, NY, they offer the best defensive driving lessons throughout the area. Since 1943, their instructors have committed themselves to provide quality driving instruction to all types of drivers. Call (585) 288-6290 to set an appointment or check out their point reduction class online.

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