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Are You A CHICKEN Or A GOLFER? May 29, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Are You A CHICKEN Or A GOLFER?, Manhattan, New York


If you're a GOLFER than you want nothing to do with CHICKEN WINGS unless you're sharing a bucket with your buddies after a long day of golf.

image"Chicken Winging" in golf is defined by the Titlelist Performance Institute (www.mytpi.com as; a loss of extension or breakdown of the lead elbow through the impact area. This swing fault makes it very difficult to develop power or clubhead speed and tends to put excessive force on the outside of the elbow joint. This is actually known as Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis). If you're suffering from high-weak shots or you tend to develop tennis elbow on your lead side, you probably have a chicken wing.


Some Amazing Stats

Statistics show that the #1 injury amongst male golfers in low back pain(53%), followed by elbow pain (24%).

Physical Causes: What Causes Chicken Winging?


#1-In order to fully extend your lead arm and maintain a good width into the hitting zone-several characteristics must be developed. First and foremost, lead are strength and lead side shoulder flexibility are paramount for a strong and fully extended lead arm at impact. If the arm is unable to rotate around the shoulder sure to joint or muscular restrictions than chicken winging will dominate the pattern.

#2-Secondly, if your downswing is out of sequence and your club is traveling over-the-top path, the lead arm is almost always forced to "chicken wing" due to the direction of the forces applied upon it. 


Kinematic Sequence

The Kinematic sequence can be thought of as the way your body transfers energy to the club in the golf swing. 

1) There is an identical sequence of speed or energy generation for all great ball strikers. That sequence is: lower body first (red line on the graph above), trunk or torso second (green line), arms third (blue line), and the club last (maroon line). This sequence occurs during the downswing.

2) Each segment of the body builds on the previous segment, increasing speed up the chain. (Red is less than green, which is less than blue, which is less than maroon).

3) Each segment of the chain slows down once the next segment begins to accelerate. This is due to the distal segment pushing off the proximal segment. Imagine a child jumping off their dad's shoulders in a swimming pool. As the child jumps, the force rapidly slows down the dad's energy. This causes a sequential deceleration or stabilization of the segments.

Physical Restrictions

Unfortunately, many of today's golfers have limited physical abilities as they relate to the golf swing.

Most players are not physically capable of performing the required body movements involved in a mechanically correct golf swing. These physical limitations lead to altered and inconsistent play, reduced power output and most importantly, can lead to playing related injuries because of the unnecessary stress to various joints and muscles (especially the low back and elbow.

"Until you can get into a position, until you can move the joints (hips and shoulders) the way they need to be moved, it will be difficult if not impossible to enhance your golf power. If we look at most people that struggle with GOLF, it's because they lack mobility." -Mike Boyle, World Famous Strength and Conditioning Coach


Brett's Bottom Line: Golfers, if you want to:

~increase clubhead speed

~hit longer drives

~beat your friends on the course

~and eliminate golf related injuries then you need to improve your move. Eliminating the physical restrictions that prevent you from playing your best golf-"That's what I do."

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*Check out the review below.

"Brett's knowledge of the body and how to improve myself and my golf is profound. Thank you. Gary M. Brooklyn, NY 

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