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5 Ways to Help Your Kid Find the Fun in Dental Care October 22, 2019

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5 Ways to Help Your Kid Find the Fun in Dental Care, Thomasville, North Carolina

When your child thinks about dental care, “fun” isn’t likely the first word that comes to mind. That doesn’t mean oral hygiene has to be an obstacle for your little one, though. With a little strategy, parents can tweak the experience so that it becomes more exciting and appealing for their kids. Whether your child tries to get out of brushing their teeth or resists during dentist appointments, here are five ways you can make dental care more kid-friendly.

5 Strategies to Make Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids

1. Talk About Teeth Together  

Talk about the importance of dental care in terms that make sense to your little one. For example, ask them the reasons why their smile is important to them. Then, simply explain that brushing and flossing help remove harmful germs that could put their smile at risk. Just be sure to avoid talking about topics that could scare them—such as tooth extractions or root canals—unless they’re a little older.

2. Entertain During Brushing

Whether you’re a child or an adult, it’s important to spend a full two minutes brushing your teeth. However, many kids don’t have the patience to last the whole way through. To keep your child engaged, find ways to distract them during their twice-daily oral hygiene routine—such as by playing their favorite music or making up a fun story until their time is up. 

3. Let Them Choose Their Brush

dentistSince kids often resist activities that aren’t “their choice,” they can be hesitant to brush. By letting your child pick out their brush from the store, they’ll be more likely to feel like they have a say in the process—and be more willing to practice oral hygiene.

4. Track Progress

To help your child build good habits around dental hygiene, create a progress chart where you can place fun stickers every time they do something good for their teeth—such as drink milk or brush their teeth. Once they reach a specific goal, think of an exciting activity that can reward them for all their hard work. For example, you might plan a family game night or let them pick a meal for dinner.

5. Find a Family Dentist  

Family dentists focus on serving patients of all ages—not just adults—so they know how to make the exams and treatment gentler and more interesting for younger visitors. These kinds of providers also allow you to visit the office together as a family so you can make routine dental care something you can enjoy together.


Protecting your child’s smile is easy when you count on Darr Dentistry—a Thomasville, NC, dentist who provides comprehensive care for both kids and adults. Whether your little one is getting a routine checkup or needs a cavity filled, this team will provide gentle treatment and teach engaging oral hygiene lessons. To learn more about their services, visit this general and cosmetic dentist online. For convenient appointments for the whole family, call (336) 475-1614.

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