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4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Office Computers November 18, 2019

East Northport, Suffolk County
4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Office Computers, East Northport, New York

Modern technology evolves quickly, which means at some point even the most advanced workplace computers will need to be replaced. Outdated machines are not only frustrating to use, but also lower productivity and may even expose your company to cybersecurity problems. Below are a few signs that it’s time to talk to an IT consultant about upgrading your computers.

4 Signs Your Computers Are Outdated

1. Employees Can’t Upgrade Their Operating Systems

The newest operating systems require more processing power than many older computers provide. If employees can’t upgrade their systems, they may not be able to run the latest versions of different pieces of software. This could limit your access to feature upgrades and cybersecurity patches.

2. Accessories Aren’t Compatible

New video cards, RAM, and network cards can extend the life of aging machines. For example, if a person’s computer runs out of memory, purchasing additional RAM will make room for more files. However, these accessories may not be compatible with an older device.

3. Slow Performance Is Inhibiting Productivity

it consultantYour office computers may have been fast when they were new, but multiple software packages installed over time and age will eventually slow them down. Waiting for files to load or programs to execute basic functions is frustrating for employees and customers alike, inhibiting productivity and harming company morale.

4. You Can’t Close Security Gaps

A cybersecurity breach can be destructive, especially for small organizations that largely depend on customer satisfaction. Because the financial health and reputation of your company hinges on your ability to ward off cyberattacks, IT consultants recommend upgrading computers that can’t run the latest antivirus programs.

For nearly 20 years, Network Solutions & Technology has provided technical advice and cutting-edge IT consulting services to businesses throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. If your equipment is outdated, their team will help identify options that will maximize performance, reduce headaches, and close security gaps in your network. Learn more about their technology audits online or call (877) 678-8080 to schedule an appointment.