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4 Reasons to Get an Annual Health Exam October 29, 2019

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4 Reasons to Get an Annual Health Exam, Seattle, Washington

Many people wait until something hurts or they feel sick before going to their doctor. However, annual health exams are critical to keeping you healthy and catching illnesses early so you can receive the medical treatment you need. Here’s why you should make visiting your doctor a yearly event.

Why Is Your Annual Health Exam Important?

1. Check Your Health

During an annual exam, your doctor will check your overall health both physically and emotionally. They’ll cover your weight and height, blood pressure, temperature, breathing, and heartbeat. They may also require blood work or other tests to be done, depending on your age and personal risk factors. These tests can help your doctor catch many illnesses, diseases, and underlying conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, allowing them to plan necessary medical treatment.

2. Update Your Records

medical treatmentA paper trail of medical records is extremely important, as it can show gradual changes in your health over time. Even if there are no changes to your health, updating your file will ensure red flags can be noted quickly in the future. This will allow you to receive speedy medical treatment if needed.

3. Get Vaccinations

Vaccinations for diseases, such as the flu, shingles, HPV, and tetanus, are provided by most medical clinics. You and your doctor can discuss which vaccines you need, and which are recommended based on your age and the season. As you age, vaccines will still be important to keep you healthy, and they shouldn’t be skipped or avoided.

4. Learn More

During your exam, your doctor will offer education on a broad range of topics. For instance, they can tell you if there are certain medical treatments you should pursue as you get closer to a specific age. They can also inform you of lifestyle changes, such as diet or exercise, that can promote better health.


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