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3 Apps Dentists Recommend to Improve Your Dental Health November 8, 2019

Downtown Anchorage, Anchorage
3 Apps Dentists Recommend to Improve Your Dental Health, Anchorage, Alaska

Keeping your mouth healthy is a team effort between you and your family dentist. In addition to regular appointments, you need to keep up with teeth cleaning and pay attention to anything that changes in your mouth. If you have kids, you also need to teach them to maintain these healthy habits. Smartphone apps can help you with all of these tasks.

Essential Apps for Teeth Cleaning & More

1. Brush DJ

There are plenty of apps available to make sure you're brushing your teeth for the full recommended two minutes; even setting a timer will do. But Brush DJ is better because it doesn't just use a timer, it also plays music from your personal playlists while you brush. The extra entertainment and the variety of songs shuffled each day make teeth cleaning that much easier.

2. ADA® Dental Symptom Checker™

Teeth CleaningThis official American Dental Association app will help you monitor your dental health. If you notice any unusual changes in your mouth, you can input your symptoms and see a list of possible conditions. While this isn't a substitute for visiting a dentist, it can help you decide your next steps for dealing with the issue.

3. My Bright Smile

This children's teeth cleaning app won an award from Best Mobile App Awards, naming it Best App for Children and Toddlers. In addition to a teeth brushing timer, it includes five educational games. These teach children to make healthy food choices and to brush correctly. It also shows kids why trips to the dentist are essential.


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