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3 Reasons to Celebrate With Shots December 11, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
3 Reasons to Celebrate With Shots, St. Petersburg, Florida

From promotions to birthdays, people celebrate all sorts of milestones at bars. When perusing the drink menu at your next celebration, order a round of shots for your table. Bartenders can whip up one-gulp cocktails to please everyone’s taste, from fruity to tart. Here are three incentives to serve shooters. 

3 Reasons to Order Shots at Your Celebration

1. Incorporate the Event Theme 

You can tailor the shooter selection to the event theme. If you’re throwing a holiday party at a bar, for example, a bartender can create shots that taste just like candy canes and other festive goodies. They can also add flourishes like bubbles and swirls of color to add to the holiday cheer. 

2. Share a Toast 

Saint-Petersburg-Florida-barWhen taking shots at a bar, it’s customary for people to stop what they’re doing, raise their glasses, and gulp their drinks at the same time. At a birthday or wedding, this serves as the perfect opportunity to share a few kind words about the guest (or guests) of honor. After downing their drinks, people can bond further by sharing their thoughts about the flavors. 

3. Get Creative With Colors 

From blue kamikazes to rainbow shooters, mixologists can craft miniature cocktails in a range of eye-catching colors. You can use the color scheme of the occasion for inspiration. If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, for example, a bartender can create red and pink shots, as these hues are associated with love. If celebrating a friend’s birthday, you can incorporate their favorite colors in the shots.  



If you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends, family, or co-workers in the Saint Petersburg, FL, area, head to Crafty Squirrel. A local favorite, the restaurant has a fully stocked bar to customize your shots and cocktails. You can also choose from the menu of specialty drinks and shooters and pair your order with pizza, loaded nachos, skillet fries, and more flavorful fare that’s great for sharing. Call (727) 898-4888 to ask questions about their selection, see the complete menu online, and check out at photos of their offerings on Facebook