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3 Ideas for Hidden Light Ornaments in Your Home October 24, 2019

Astoria, Queens
3 Ideas for Hidden Light Ornaments in Your Home, Queens, New York

Lighting doesn’t just illuminate a room. Many homeowners with casted ceilings use hidden lights to highlight structural elements and other ornamental features. These specialized design features can improve your design aesthetic and your property’s value. Below are three ways to add light ornaments to your house.

Where to Install Hidden Light Ornaments in Your Home

1. Recessed Ceiling Lightingceiling New York City NY

Today, many homes feature recessed lighting. These fixtures are usually several inches wide and are set back into the ceiling. Instead of providing focused task illumination, these fixtures add ambiance to the room with a soft glow. Consider controlling these options with a dimmer switch so that you can control the shadows and light depending on your mood and the amount of natural light available.

2. Crown Molding Roping 

Electricians can install rope lighting around crown molding to hide the fixtures and illuminate unique trim. Light up the edges of these architectural features by installing the trim with an inch or so of space between the ceiling and the molding. Then, an electrician can place rope lighting directly above the moulding. You won’t be able to see the ropes, but they’ll give the entire room an ethereal glow. This choice is an excellent option for entertainment rooms as it won’t create screen glare but provides enough light to maneuver while watching a movie or a game.

3. Recessed Floor Lights

Many museums and galleries feature recessed floor lighting to draw attention to important works from below. You can use this method in your home by installing recessed floor lighting in hallways or rooms that feature prized possessions that you want to highlight. Give your paintings, figurines, and antiques new life by lighting them from below.


Homeowners looking to dress up their ceilings, walls, or flooring should add beautiful lighting from Ionic Casting in New York City. The company has been in business for over 50 years, creating stunning plasterwork for new homes and historic restorations. Call the Long Island City location at (718) 786-7670 or visit the website for information on their design and fabrication processes for interior and exterior castings.

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