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Common Causes of Leaking Toilets October 29, 2019

Edgewood, Kenton
Common Causes of Leaking Toilets, Edgewood, Kentucky

A leaking toilet, if unnoticed or ignored, may require emergency toilet repair and repairs to water-damaged floors and ceilings. Here’s what you should know about the most common causes of toilet leaks so you can act quickly to resolve them. 

Understanding When You Need Toilet Repair 

1. Worn Flapper

The flapper stops water from entering the bowl, but it can become worn over time. When a flapper fails, water will continually seep into the bowl and may spill over onto the floor. Repairing a flapper is easy and affordable, but call a plumber to replace it if your DIY skills are not up to the task.

2. Cracks in the Ceramic

Ceramic fixtures are durable, but hairline cracks are possible and may expand if ignored. If you notice cracks in a bowl or tank, consult with your plumber about how to address them. 

3. Humidity 

toilet repairSome leaks are not leaks at all, but condensation. Before calling for toilet repair, inspect your bathroom fixtures. Bathrooms are humid. Simply wipe away beads of condensation on the bowl or tank. When you shower, be sure to turn on the exhaust fan to reduce the humidity in your bathroom.

4. Broken Wax Seal 

Toilets are sealed to sewage drains with a wax seal. If the seal becomes loose or breaks, puddles will form on the floor at the base of your toilet. When a seal fails, call a plumber for toilet repair. The toilet will need to be moved and resealed to fix the leak

5. Rusted Pipes 

If your pipes are old and rusty, they may eventually crack and leak. If the pipes that supply water to your tank and bowl are dripping, a plumber will need to replace the pipes to stop the leaks.


If you need toilet repair for a leaking toilet, consider the experts at Lonneman Plumbing. For nearly 60 years, their team has provided plumbing services to households in the Edgewood, KY, area. To learn more about this plumbing contractor and the services they provide, visit their website, or call (859) 341-7755 to schedule an appointment or receive a free estimate.


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