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4 Tips to Protect Carpet From Pets October 18, 2019

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4 Tips to Protect Carpet From Pets, Barnesville, Ohio

You love your furry friends, but you also adore your home’s carpet. Help the carpet stay clean despite Fluffy’s claws and Fido’s muddy paws, and follow these tips to protect it.

Tips to Prevent Pet Wear & Tear on Carpet

1. Clean Up Accidents Immediately

With pets that stay inside, accidents happen. Clean up their waste as soon as you find it. For a fresh urine mess, blot with paper towels and newspaper until the area is only damp. Then rinse with cool soapy water and blot it dry again. For set stains that you’ve just discovered, try a carpet stain remover followed by an odor-neutralizing spray. Using vinegar or ammonia-based cleaners can cause pets to re-mark the area to cover the strong smell. For persistent stains or odors, getting a professional cleaning is best.

2. Protect Entry Areas

If you are re-doing floors, consider putting in a tile or wood entry area to catch mud and dirt before it gets to the carpet. If you can’t install a new section of flooring, use plastic mats or washable rugs in entryways to protect the carpet underneath. Keep a basket with clean towels available to wipe muddy paws after walks and playtime.

3. Keep Nails Trimmed

carpetPet’s nails can snag carpet, marring it and eventually leading to unraveled strands. Trim and file their nails every two weeks, or have a vet or groomer do it if your pets are resistant to the process. If you have cats, invest in a scratching post or carpet-covered climbing tree to distract your kitties from the tempting swath of new carpet in the living room. 

4. Vacuum Regularly

Fur, dander, and dirt are an inevitable part of pet ownership, even with low-shedding breeds. Vacuuming heavy traffic areas two or three times a week will help keep the carpet looking new. Use pet-friendly carpet powders to help cut down on odor and grime. A least once a year, have the carpet professionally cleaned.


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