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3 Signs It's Time to Visit a Mechanic for a Wheel Alignment October 18, 2019

Loveland, Hamilton
3 Signs It's Time to Visit a Mechanic for a Wheel Alignment, Loveland, Ohio

One of the routine car maintenance tasks your mechanic can perform is a wheel alignment. The wheels of your car can be tilted or pointed in different directions, but alignment ensures they're pointed straight forward and tilted at the correct angle so your car will run efficiently. Watch for these signs your wheels are poorly aligned, so you'll know when to take the car to a mechanic.

How to Identify Improper Wheel Alignment

1. Pulling

If your tires are pointed in different directions, they may make the car drift to the right or the left. A correctly aligned car should center itself if you let go of the wheel so that it drives straight. The steering wheel itself should also be centered when the car is driving straight, so pay attention to its position when you check for pulling.

2. Uneven Wear

MechanicIf a wheel is tilted inward or outward, the bottom of the tire isn't resting flat on the ground. Instead, the weight of the car is more on the inner or outer edge of the tire. This makes that edge wear faster, and you can see the difference in the depth of the tread across the tire. If you catch this early enough, you can still rotate the tires and get plenty of use out of the remaining tread, but if you let it go on too long, the tires will wear out too much on the bad edge to be usable.

3. Vibration

When the wheels of your car point in different directions, they put a strain on the vehicle. Instead of pushing the car forward, some of the engine's power is used up, making the car wobble in different directions or making the wheels slip. This creates vibrations that you can feel through the steering wheel.


If you need a wheel alignment or other auto services, visit Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service in Loveland, OH. Their ASE-certified mechanics have 30 years of experience serving Hamilton County and surrounding areas. Read more about their services online or call (513) 683-7852 to make an appointment.

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