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How Junk Removal Can Save You From a Lawsuit October 21, 2019

North Side, Mount Vernon
How Junk Removal Can Save You From a Lawsuit, Mount Vernon, New York

An unkempt yard does more than damage your home’s curb appeal. It can pose a liability issue if your outdoor space is considered an attractive nuisance that entices someone to explore. Avoid significant problems, including lawsuits, by learning more about these laws and scheduling junk removal before matters get out of hand.

What Is an Attractive Nuisance?

An attractive nuisance is an outdoor feature that calls attention to your yard, such as a swimming pool, a swing set, construction debris, or a pile of trash. To be considered a "nuisance," the item must also pose a threat if people were to come too close. Usually, the most curious people are children and teenagers who either can't resist or who don't know that danger awaits them. For example, a child roaming through your yard could trip on a pile of debris and hurt themselves. This is why people with leftover construction materials or other debris must call junk removal professionals.

How Can You Be Held Liable?

junk removalAlthough you don't have to childproof your property, you do have to ensure your outdoor space doesn't pose a safety threat to others. For example, you may be held liable if your debris causes harm and you never took the time to contact a junk removal professional. However, if you can prove that you took significant steps to safeguard your property, you may be found innocent.

How Can You Protect  Yourself?

If you have a pile of trash that you haven't gotten around to removing yet, a qualified junk hauling and trash removal service can make quick work of the mess. This will help restore your outdoor space to its original condition and prevent possible lawsuits due to injury.


Don’t allow a pile of debris to turn into a serious situation. Let the team at Angelo’s Junk Removal in Mount Vernon, NY, clean up your space. This family-owned company recognizes that it’s easy to get caught up with other responsibilities, which is why they’re committed to helping residents in Westchester County maintain tidy living spaces. To find out more about their junk pickup, debris removal, and home cleaning services, visit them online. To schedule an appointment, call (914) 513-8458.

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