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How to Prevent Basketball Injuries October 14, 2019

Honolulu, Oahu
How to Prevent Basketball Injuries, Honolulu, Hawaii

While basketball is a fun sport that benefits your physical health, playing or practicing the wrong way can lead to sports injuries. Follow these tips to play safely and enjoy yourself on the court.

3 Tips for Safe Basketball Practice

1. Stretch & Warm Up 

Participating in sports with tense muscles and unprepared joints will lead to cramps, sprains, or even more serious sports injuries. Mitigate injury potential by stretching for a few minutes before basketball games and practice. You should also gradually warm up to full play with a light jog or exercise after stretching. 

2. Wear the Correct Shoessports injuries

You’re more at risk for foot pain, ankle sprains, and other injuries if you don’t have the right shoes. They should absorb shock from your landings after running or jumping, so look for comfortable insoles and thick soles. The openings also shouldn’t be so tight that they restrict your ankles from moving or rotating effectively. The tread on the bottom should effectively grip the court so you don’t slip.

3. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will keep your body in shape, increasing your strength and stamina. Work out all muscle groups to provide your legs, core, and arms with the support necessary to handle jumps, frequent sprints, and aggressive ball throws. For example, push-ups can help strengthen your arms and core. Lunges will build up your legs. Jogging will increase stamina all around.


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