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What You Should Know About a Salt Water Swimming Pool Installation October 18, 2019

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What You Should Know About a Salt Water Swimming Pool Installation, 10, Illinois

Salt water pools have become an increasingly popular choice for swimming pool installations in recent years. While there are certainly advantages to getting a salt water pool rather than a standard chlorine pool, homeowners will get more from their investment if they know what to expect. Here’s what you should know about salt water pools.

Salt Water Swimming Pool Installation FAQ

What makes salt water better than chlorine?

swimming pool installationChlorine is a harsh chemical that can aggravate symptoms for those with asthma. It can also leave swimmers with dry skin, brittle hair, and burning eyes after too much time in the water. Salt water pools have a much lower chlorine content, reducing these common concerns.

How salty is a salt water pool?

A salt water pool uses a salt chlorine generator to control salt chlorine levels in the water. The pool water typically has lower salt content than human tears and is only one-tenth as salty as seawater.

What swimming pool maintenance will be needed?

While salt water pools don’t require as much ongoing maintenance as a standard chlorine pool, you should still regularly test chlorine and pH levels as well as salt levels. You will need to add salt to the salt chlorine generator periodically. Making adjustments as needed and providing additives will help keep the water clean and clear.

Can I convert from a chlorine to salt water pool?

If you already have a standard chlorine pool, you can convert it to a salt water variety by installing a salt generator. You’ll need to get accurate sizing measurements so you know how large of a generator and how much salt you need.


If you’re interested in a salt water swimming pool installation for your property, contact Destination Pools in Columbia, IL. With over a decade in business, the expert team at this family-owned company will guide you through the entire process of installing an in-ground pool, leaving you with a result the whole family will love. To learn more about their pool services, visit them online, or call (618) 281-7776.

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