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3 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles October 22, 2019

Largo, Pinellas
3 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles, Largo, Florida

Your kitchen cabinets not only serve a practical purpose, but they also have an aesthetic value. They create the first impression of your kitchen as they account for most of the visual space in the room. Here are a few of the most popular styles that are versatile enough for any decor to help narrow down your search. 

3 Kitchen Cabinet Styles Explained

1. Shake-Style

Shaker-style cabinets are some of the most popular cabinet styles. Their simple and clean lines are a trademark of the Shaker furniture style. Shaker cabinet doors have a raised frame around the edges and a recessed panel in the middle. Their minimalist look makes a simple, yet elegant statement that pairs well with either contemporary or traditional motifs. 

2. Raised-Panel

Unlike Shaker cabinet doors that recess in the middle, these cabinets boast a frame around the edges with a raised center. The overlay around the panel is typically grooved or has a design. The overall look makes the door appear to be carved from a single large plank. 

3. Frameless

What sets frameless kitchen cabinets apart from other styles isn’t the look of the doors, but the construction of how they cover the cabinet box, offering a smooth appearance. Unlike framed cabinet doors that attach to the face frame, frameless cabinets attach to the sides of the box. They’re also referred to as full access cabinets, due to the ample and unhindered space they offer. 


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