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What Landlords Should Know About Fence Installation January 6, 2020

Spencerport, Monroe
What Landlords Should Know About Fence Installation, Spencerport, New York

As a landlord, looking for ways to improve the overall appearance and functionality of your property is a top priority so that you retain excellent tenants. With this in mind, fence installation should be considered to enhance your investment. Here’s what you should know about fencing so that you make the right decision for your property. 

Why Should Landlords Consider Fencing?

Fencing is a great way to attract renters to your property. Once in place, a privacy fence offers increased curb appeal, added security, and another level of protection for both pets and children. As such, you can increase the rent you charge. Over time, this investment will pay for itself, and you’ll continue to make money in the future through higher rental rates. 

What Material Is Best?

Fence InstallationWhile it may be tempting to install a wood or picket fence, it’s important to note these materials require some on-going maintenance to retain visual appeal and durability, especially in inclement weather. To avoid adding more chores and upkeep to your landlord duties, consider leaning toward a low maintenance material such as ornamental aluminum or even chain link. These options come at a lower price point and are built to last.  

When Is It Best to Schedule Fence Installation?

It’s common for landlords to schedule fence installation when a property is vacant. This will minimize disruptions and can attract potential renters interested in added privacy and security. If you currently have tenants, maintain open communication so they are aware of the process and when fence contractors will be on-site. Many tenants will welcome the addition and will be flexible in terms of work and any minor noise that occurs in order to upgrade the property. 


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