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3 Jobs That Require Hearing Protection October 21, 2019

3 Jobs That Require Hearing Protection, Groton, Connecticut

Many employees every year damage their hearing at work. Since hearing can't be restored once it’s been harmed, it's important to protect yourself to prevent hearing loss in the first place. If you work in one of the following careers, or another job with loud, repetitive noises, invest in hearing protection.

What Workers May Experience Hearing Loss?

1. Factory & Construction Workers

There are two ways to suffer hearing loss: exposure to a single, loud noise, or a repeated noise over a long period. Factory workers and construction workers face both of these possibilities because of the loud machinery they work with. If you're in these fields, protect your ears with high-quality earplugs or soundproof ear muffs.

2. Farmers

hearing lossLike factory and construction workers, farmers are around a lot of loud machinery. When harvesting, it's often for long, steady periods, so it's best to wear ear protection. If you notice your hearing has declined, schedule a hearing test and invest in hearing aids if necessary. 

3. Musicians & Entertainment Venue Employees

Many people enjoy cranking the volume up on an amp or standing on the floor at a music venue. Unfortunately, doing these activities every day can lead to hearing loss. Bass exposure is especially harmful, though percussionists will also experience hearing damage over time. If you're a musician or you work at a club, do your best to stay away from speakers and wear earplugs.


If you have concerns about hearing loss, schedule a hearing test at County Hearing And Balance in Madison, CT. This practice has served customers throughout Southeastern and Shoreline, CT, for nearly 40 years. Their audiologists will take a personalized approach to find the right hearing solutions for your needs. Visit their website to learn more about their services and call (203) 245-1950 to schedule an appointment.

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