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5 Items Your First Apartment Needs October 21, 2019

Boscobel, Grant
5 Items Your First Apartment Needs, Boscobel, Wisconsin

The excitement of moving into your first apartment revolves around independence; it’s also fun to furnish and decorate the space exactly as you want. New furniture and other items create attractive, functional residences. If you aren’t sure what to purchase after the furniture, focus on essentials such as appliances and cleaning supplies before moving on to decor.

What Do You Need to Furnish Your First Apartment?

1. Small Appliances & Cookware

Consider how much and how often you cook before reviewing the small appliance and cookware sections at your local furniture store. A microwave allows you to cook and reheat meals quickly, while an electric grill and toaster benefit a kitchen with a smaller range. Cookware such as three-tiered steamers, large cast-iron skillets and saucepans, and dutch ovens make preparing large food quantities easy, so you don’t have to cook nightly.

2. TV Furniture

appliancesPurchase a TV stand or a wall mount depending on the type of television you own. Choose the entertainment center location first so you can easily arrange your couch, chairs, and coffee table around it to create a cozy area for unwinding with favorite shows and movies. 

3. Picture Hanger & Wall Decor

Take the labor out of decorating your new apartment with picture hanger tools such as a monkey hook for drywall. Anchor wire D-rings and sawtooth hangers also ensure pictures stay on the wall instead of crashing to the floor during the night. Think about your apartment’s theme or aesthetic before browsing wall decor selections, such as stamped steel decorative wall plates for complementing fixture switches.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Keep your new apartment clean for healthy indoor air, a clutter-free space, and to get the full security deposit back when you vacate. Invest in a standard upright or wet/dry vacuum depending on your cleaning needs, as well as disinfecting wipes, scrubber sponges for the kitchen and bathroom, cobweb dusters, and window squeegees.

5. Bedding

If you skimp on bedding quality, you may wake up groggy and cranky. Try a few mattresses and purchase plush pillows. Splurge on a weighted blanket, which features micro bead filling for even pressure over the whole body. They reduce anxiety, which promotes relaxation for peaceful nights.


Find furniture, electronics, and appliances for first apartment success at Krogen’s Do It Best, the locally-owned home improvement and hardware store in Boscobel, WI. This community staple offers over 65,000 products and a knowledgeable, friendly staff that is ready to help you with whatever you need. Call (608) 375-4656 with furniture questions, or visit the store online to browse the impressive inventory. Get more home improvement tips on Facebook.

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