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4 Aspects You Should Know About Demolition October 18, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
4 Aspects You Should Know About Demolition, Chillicothe, Ohio

When buildings fall into disrepair and become unsafe, or when property owners need land clearing services to make space for new construction, a demolition company gets the job done. Building demolition is more complicated than just knocking a structure down; it's a highly regulated process performed by trained experts. Here's what you should know if you're planning to get rid of a building on your property.

Demolition FAQ

What is the process of demolishing a building?

There are several different ways to bring down a building. Deconstruction or dismantling involves taking the building apart piece by piece, by hand, to recover as much reusable material as possible. Faster methods include mechanical demolition using heavy machinery, or explosion. A building can be partly dismantled before using these methods to finish the job.

How is demolition regulated?

In addition to being bound by legal safety requirements, demolitions also have to be planned in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The Clean Air Act applies to tearing down buildings and limits the amounts and types of emissions that can be put into the air. A contractor may have to take steps to reduce airborne debris, especially if dangerous materials like asbestos were used to build the structure.

How can I pick the right contractor?

DemolitionFirst, if you have any friends who've had similar work done, ask them what company they used and whether they were satisfied with the service. You can also find reviews online; while one review might be biased, multiple reviews with the same information are probably accurate.

When you contact the company, ask about their license and insurance for the work, and check that both are up to date. Finally, ask for an itemized estimate so you can compare their services and fees with other providers.

Who cleans up after demolition?

Many companies offer debris removal after demolition, either as part of the package or as a separate service. Check whether cleanup is included in the estimate you received. If not, speak with whichever company is doing your land clearing and site preparation for your new construction project to see whether they can handle the debris removal. If there are hazardous materials at the site, you need to choose a provider who is licensed and has the correct safety training to dispose of it.


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