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What Are the Best Flooring Options for Pets? October 18, 2019

North Whidbey Island, Island
What Are the Best Flooring Options for Pets?, North Whidbey Island, Washington

Your dog or cat is a member of your family. Therefore, when replacing the flooring, it is as natural to think about what will hold up best to their messes and claws as it is to consider what will feel the best under your own feet. For options that will work beautifully for both of you, consider the following.

3 Flooring Materials Pet Owners Will Appreciate

1. Stone

Natural stone is strong and highly resistant to scratches, although soft ones, like marble, may be more susceptible to the antics of larger dogs. Stains and liquids are not a problem for stone tiles either, with cleanup requiring only a damp cloth or a paper towel. Stone may not be comfortable for some larger pets, but well-placed rugs or a pet bed will rectify the problem. Don’t apply a slick finish to the tile; it may cause pets to slip more often.

2. Vinyl

FlooringVinyl has many advantages for pet-friendly homes. It’s highly scratch resistant, provides useful traction, and is comfortable for pets to lie upon. Water and urine mishaps are easily cleaned up, but cannot be left for long periods. Vinyl is susceptible to mold under the right conditions. Don’t allow excessive moisture to pool under appliances or areas you cannot see.

3. Laminate

Laminate simulates everything from hardwood flooring to natural stone, and picking a type with embossed or textured finishing is important. It is mainly stain-resistant, and spills are easily picked up, but if there is an area where spills happen often, there is a chance the liquids can seep into the cracks. Laminate is affected by cold and heat—expanding and contracting with the temperatures. However, this should not be a problem indoors.

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