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4 Steps to Prepare Your Electric Lawn Mower for Winter October 18, 2019

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4 Steps to Prepare Your Electric Lawn Mower for Winter, ,

As temperatures fall and your lawn goes dormant for the season, you’ll want to take some time to prepare your electric lawn mower for winter. By preparing and storing your mower properly, it will be ready for use when spring comes. Here’s what you need to know. 

Winter Storage Prep for an Electric Lawn Mower

1. Remove the Battery

Remove the battery and bring it indoors for storage so it’s not exposed to the extreme temperatures. Extreme cold will shorten a battery’s life span by limiting its ability to hold a charge. Clean the battery when you remove it.

2. Scrape the Undercarriage

electric lawn mowerTurn the mower over and clean its underside. Remove the blade using the appropriate wrench while wearing thick gloves. Use a wire brush and putty knife to remove all the grime that has accumulated on the undercarriage. By cleaning it off, moisture will not be trapped against the metal all winter long, which can lead to rusting.

3. Replace the Spark Plug

Mower spark plugs are affordable, so they’re worth replacing every year. Remove the spark-plug with your socket wrench. Spray a shot of oil into the cylinder for lubrication and place the new one in.

4. Sharpen Blades

Most homeowners benefit from having their blades sharpened annually. Inspect your blades first for signs of damage, such as chips or cracks; if there’s damage, you’ll need to replace the blades. If they are in good condition, take them to an outdoor power tools professional for sharpening.


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