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How to Protect Against Electrical Hazards During Floods October 16, 2019

How to Protect Against Electrical Hazards During Floods, Honolulu County, Hawaii

From burst pipes to roof leaks during a storm, there are several reasons why your property may experience flooding. Regardless of the cause, always practice safety when it comes to dealing with your home’s electrical wiring to avoid shocks. Here are a few tips on how to prevent accidents and injuries when your property floods.

4 Electrical Safety Tips During Floods

1. Don’t Touch the Water

If your home starts to flood while you are still inside, stay away from the water and don’t touch it. It’s possible that your appliances and electronics have become submerged, causing electricity to move through the water and potentially shock you.

2. Take Precautions

electrical wiringIf rising water is about to reach your home, cut off the power supply to your circuit breaker to prevent an outage. Unplug electronics and small appliances, and move them onto your counters or shelving. If it’s safe to leave your home, move to higher ground immediately.

3. Avoid Power Lines

If you have to leave the house and it’s flooded outside, give fallen power lines a wide girth. Since water conducts electricity, utility lines pose a risk of electrical shock if they are near or submerged in water.

4. Call an Electrician

An expert will safely inspect your electrical wiring and panels, performing any necessary repairs to restore power and tuck away live wires. They’ll also take a look at your appliances and let you know which ones are salvageable.


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