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4 Septic Maintenance Tips For Fall October 17, 2019

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4 Septic Maintenance Tips For Fall, Brady, Michigan

Autumn provides an ideal time to catch up on property maintenance that might have been overlooked during the busy rush of summer, such as scheduling an HVAC inspection and preparing your garden beds for winter. It’s also the right time for septic maintenance tasks that will help you avoid frozen pipes, an overloaded tank, and other winter weather issues. Review the following essential septic maintenance tips for fall to ensure that you enter the colder seasons with confidence.

What Septic Maintenance Tips Should I Follow This Fall?

1. Schedule Inspections & Checks

Hire a septic inspector to check the system for leaks and any other issues that might require expert repairs before winter. Request a professional inspection every fall, especially if the system is older. Septic systems typically last 20 years or more.

Also, call your local plumber to fix leaks throughout your home, especially those from your pipes or other fixtures. Small leaks and drips freeze quickly, and they can disrupt liquid and solid waste flow into the septic tank.

2. Get The Tank Pumped

septic pumping Oakley, MISchedule septic pumping, especially if it’s been some time since the last cleaning. An overloaded tank can back up into household toilets and drains, or the pressure can cause the tank to crack and contaminate soil and nearby waterways. Overwhelmed tanks can also leak solid waste into the adjoining drain field to create a hazardous and unsanitary mess.

3. Conserve Water

Pay extra attention to water conservation this fall, especially if you routinely host holiday events, to avoid excess tank stress. Too much water flowing out of your home at one time can cause the tank to leak waste into the drain field or create plumbing backups. Spread out laundry loads each week, avoid running water-using appliances at the same time, and shorten shower sessions.

4. Insulate the Tank

Allow the grass over the septic tank to grow another six inches to protect it from snow and ice this winter. This prevents frozen pipes and sluggish tank bacteria that break down waste too slowly. Depending on the location, you may want to add mulch for additional warmth. Taller grass and mulch also make the tank’s site visible so that you and your family and friends do not park over it, as extra weight can cause the tank to crack. 


Schedule septic maintenance with Sloan’s Septic Tank Service, the fourth-generation company that’s served Oakley, MI, and the surrounding areas for decades. All customers get treated like family, with technicians that are happy to provide troubleshooting and general maintenance tips to address all of your needs. Call (989) 845-6280 today to request an appointment or visit the team online for more information about septic maintenance, including their 24/7 emergency services. 

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