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3 Contact Lens Tips for People With Dry Eyes October 16, 2019

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3 Contact Lens Tips for People With Dry Eyes, Rochester, New York

If you use contact lenses, you must be careful when handling and wearing them, especially if you struggle with persistent dry eyes. However, if you follow the guide below, you can prevent bacterial issues and minimize dryness. 

What to Know About Wearing Contact Lenses if You Have Dry Eyes

1. Don’t Overuse Them

All contact lenses have a limit to their usability, whether you opt for dailies or prolonged wear varieties. Over time, the lenses can become weathered or vulnerable to debris build-up, which can impede your natural tear production and further dry out your eyes. Check with your optometrist to ensure you understand how long each pair can be worn before it should be replaced. 

2. Use False Tear Drops

contact lensesOptometrists often recommend lubricating drops for those who wear contact lenses, as the film may make it more difficult for the eye to stay hydrated. This is even more crucial if you also struggle with dryness. For the best results, apply the eye drops once every few hours to keep your eyes moist. If you spend many hours looking at a screen, your optometrist may recommend increasing the frequency.

3. Always Use a New Supply of Solution

Contact lens solution relies on an air-tight seal to maintain its effectiveness. Once you’ve transferred the liquid from the bottle to the case, it won’t last more than a few hours before the quality decreases. As such, reusing this fluid will not keep your contact lenses clean—and if they aren’t cleaned properly, you stand a higher chance of developing infections that could increase dryness.


If you’re struggling with dry eyes after getting contact lenses, talk to the professionals at Alexander Eye Associates & Optical. Based in Rochester, NY, these optometrists are proud to offer a broad range of services to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable. Visit their website to learn more about their services, and call (585) 325-3070 to schedule an appointment today. 

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