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How to Choose Between Digital & Offset Printing October 18, 2019

How to Choose Between Digital & Offset Printing, ,

Once you've designed the perfect marketing materials, the next step is to determine how to print them. Printing services offer many types of printing, and the right one for your project depends on several factors. Two of the most common printing methods are offset and digital, but they each offer different benefits in terms of budget, quantity, and image quality. Learn more about these printing options to determine which one is right for you.

What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing is a traditional type of printing that was used in the early printing press and later newspaper production. The process begins with the printer burning the design onto metal plates, with each color getting its own plate. The design is then transferred onto rubber rolls, which are covered with ink. The pages run through each roll, layering on the color until the image is complete.

Offset printing offers exceptional image quality and precise color matching, and it can be used on virtually any material. On the downside, it can be expensive if you aren't printing a large volume, and it takes longer than other types of printing. Mistakes are also more difficult to fix, as new plates have to be created. 

What Is Digital Printing?

printing servicesIf you've ever printed images using your home printer, you've used digital printing. Unlike offset printing, which adds color one layer at a time, digital printing creates your design directly on the surface using ink or a toner powder. Although this is a relatively fast and inexpensive printing process, it doesn't always have the same level of quality as offset printing. Colors may not be a perfect match, and images may not be as crisp or clear. However, it's easy to make changes or fix errors, and there's less chance of variation among prints.  

Which Printing Service Is Right for You?

Deciding which type of printing is right for your project comes down to several factors:

  • Quantity: Offset is typically less expensive than digital for large jobs, while digital is more cost-effective for small print orders. 
  • Color: If your project requires precise color matching, offset is the better choice. 
  • Turnaround: Digital printing is faster. 
  • Material: If you’re using a special paper, or need particular coatings or varnishing, offset is more flexible. 
  • Customization: Digital printing saves time and money if you need to create multiple custom versions of a piece, because changes are easier to make. 


For help choosing the best printing option for your project, get in touch with Bestype Imaging in Downtown Manhattan. This premier printing service in New York City serves the retail, advertising, art, and fashion industries. They can handle all types of printing projects, from business cards to larger formats and full-color books. Call (212) 966-6886 to discuss your project with an expert, or visit their website for more information about their printing services.

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