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3 Perks of Using Common Core Methods in JEI Learning Courses October 9, 2019

Holy Oaks, San Jose
3 Perks of Using Common Core Methods in JEI Learning Courses, San Jose, California

Before kids can reach their career goals, they must perform well in school. That’s why many parents in the Evergreen and Silver Creek areas of San Jose, CA, enroll their youngsters in JEI Learning Center South San Jose’s common core programs. The guide below explains how this curriculum will make your child a higher-achieving student. 

What Benefits Does a Common Core Curriculum Provide?

1. Ensure Children Meet Nationwide Standards

To close the achievement gap, educators and legislators from 48 states created the common core standards. This ensures English language arts and math programs for kids meet a certain set of academic criteria. From solving mathematical equations to reading retention, coursework is tailored to prepare students for college entrance exams. Receiving a college degree will increase their earning potential. 

2. Creates Critical Thinkers

San-Jose-California-common-core-programWhereas other educational methods might gloss over key concepts, common core programs allow for complete immersion in the material. At JEI Learning Center, students are given a comprehensive introduction to number concepts, geometry, measurements, and more math to help them view material with a critical eye. The information is presented in steps, so kids understand what they've learned before moving on to the next level.

3. Increases Participation & Improves Performance

The English-focused common core program at JEI Learning Center was developed to ensure kids meet California standards in the areas of grammar, reading, and phonics. This means your child’s vocabulary and comprehension skills will be on par with their peers throughout the state. When a child doesn’t struggle with reading and understanding, they will do better on book reports and be more eager to share their assessment of material with the rest of the class.

To see a noticeable improvement in your child’s grades and attitude toward school, sign them up for one of JEI Learning Center’s common core programs today. The educators are ready to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses to determine where they need help. To enroll in courses, call (408) 270-6162. Visit the San Jose-based learning center online to see an overview of their programs and download sample worksheets.