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3 Ways to Design an Impactful Monument for a Veteran October 21, 2019

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3 Ways to Design an Impactful Monument for a Veteran, Willimantic, Connecticut

Paying homage to a loved one who has passed is never easy. However, designing a monument to honor their life may help you start healing. If your family member served in the military, there are many special considerations and options for their grave marker. To help you create a memorial that truly encapsulates their work for their country, here are a few details to include that will reflect their service and bravery.

3 Ideas for a Veteran’s Grave Marker

1. Incorporate a Picture

You can engrave portraits of loved ones on funeral monuments, and this can be a fantastic way to remember a veteran. You can use their military portrait, one from another period of their life, or both. With an image of their smiling or proud face, you can remember them as they would have wanted to be remembered.

2. Include Information About Their Service

MonumentInclude pertinent information so anyone passing the monument can understand the veteran’s dedication to their country. Add which branch they served in, the rank they attained, and any special awards or recognition they received over the course of their service.

3. Request a Medal of Honor Medallion

If the veteran received a Medal of Honor and will be buried in a private cemetery, consider requesting a medallion from the U.S. government. This symbol can be easily attached to the monument and serves as a special reminder of the brave deeds your loved one performed.


If you need help designing the perfect monument to honor a veteran, contact the professionals at Tri-County Memorials in Waterford, CT. For more than 45 years, this company has helped families east of the Connecticut River design memorial markers for their loved ones. They will work with you from the designing phase to construction to help you create a piece to effectively celebrate them. View some of their completed projects online or call (860) 443-8744  to start your design today.
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