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How Is Water Well Drilling Done? October 18, 2019

Monroe, Knox
How Is Water Well Drilling Done?, Monroe, Ohio

Water well drilling is the first step to having your private source of fresh, clean water; it is also the most valuable. Before boring a hole into the ground, consider all the factors involved in the process. During this time, you should work with a trusted drilling contractor for safety and efficiency. The below guide describes the process behind drilling for a well, along with steps to prepare.

What Happens During Water Well Drilling

Water well drilling aims to tap an underground water source, or aquifer, sometimes more than a hundred feet deep. To ensure a steady supply, most contractors drill further below the water table.

The drilling rig is the equipment used for boring the hole and can either be a rotary driller or pounder. A rotary driller uses long cable or interlocking steel bits that rotate to make a hole. On the other hand, a pounder repeatedly punches the ground with heavy weights to loosen the soil and bore a hole.

After drilling, the casing—a long, tubular water well drillingstructure—is installed to prevent the newly dug well from collapsing and being contaminated. Generally made of carbon steel or plastic, it also protects the well against freezing during winter. Most casings have a two-inch gap between them and the water well wall, filled with gravel and cement as a protective barrier against contaminants. Others come with attached well screens—often made of perforated or slotted pipe—at the bottom to filter sediments.

What to Do Before Drilling

Since water well drilling is a disruptive activity, there are a few measures you must take before digging.

  • Scout for Ideal Location: Not all areas of your property have a stable aquifer or groundwater supply, so research where you can drill. Check geologic surveys, topographical records, and aquifer maps to find the right spot.

  • Get Permits: Most states require permits before well drilling commences, and Ohio is no exception. Know the requirements to avoid legal issues and neighborhood disputes later.

  • Work with a Professional: Water well drilling isn’t something you can do by yourself, especially if you want the well to run deep. Instead, ask for referrals and hire a contractor with a reliable reputation among locals and years' worth of experience.


When you need water well drilling, count on the professionals at Keen Well & Pump. As the trusted well-drilling contractor in Mount Vernon, OH, they’ve provided a range of top-notch water well services, including installations and repairs, throughout North Central Ohio since 1966. Call (740) 397-7336 for free estimates on water well installation or inquire via their website today.

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