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For more than 50 years, Whitestone Lanes in Flushing, NY has continued to offer 24/7 Bowling excitement to young and old alike.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Bowling Ball October 17, 2019

Flushing, Queens
3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Bowling Ball, Queens, New York

Bowling is fun, and it doesn’t cost much beyond renting shoes and a lane; plus, it’s an excellent way to bond with family, colleagues, and friends. Players also do not need to worry about the ball they will use, as bowling centers already provide these. However, while their options are perfect for beginners, they may not be good enough for advanced players. If you want to up your game, here are a few reasons why it’s worth investing in a ball.

Why Owning a Bowling Ball Is Worthwhile

1. More Consistency & Comfort

Having your own will ensure that it fits your preferences—from the weight and material used, down to the size of the finger holes. Once you find the ideal bowling ball, have it drilled to your finger size and span for increased comfort. This allows you to have a better grip and smoother swing. You no longer have to re-adjust to every alley ball you use, allowing you to improve your game.

2. Fewer Chances of Passing on Germs

bowlingA lot of people come in and out of bowling centers every day. It is impossible to tell how many hands have touched the house balls. Bringing your own ball will help you avoid getting sick. 

3. Lower Risk of Injuries

Using a different ball with every swing will throw your whole game off and increase your risk of injury. A heavy ball or an uneven grip can strain your elbow, wrist, arm, or fingers. But if you have your own ball, your body will adapt to it, allowing you to stay safe and play with ease.

Whitestone Lanes routinely sanitize and periodically replace house balls with new balls with weights from 6 lbs. up to 14 lbs. The finger holes vary from large to medium to small. Using a house ball is not bad, having your own Bowling Ball is better.

Visit our inhouse Pro Shop for great deals and professional advice on selection of equipment and accessories.

For a fun bowling experience in Queens, NY, visit Whitestone Lanes. They offer a modern take on retro-style bowling, and they’re an excellent space for corporate events or leagues. Contact them at (718) 353-6300 for more information. Check out their Facebook page or visit their website to learn more about their party packages and sign up for their weekly newsletters. 

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