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5 Signs Your Water Well Is Going Dry October 16, 2019

Lovington, Lea
5 Signs Your Water Well Is Going Dry, Lovington, New Mexico

Having a private water well gives your family access to clean, high-quality groundwater at all times. However, a low water table, extended droughts, and problems with the system can cause your well to run dry. Watch for the following warning signs to address and prevent a dry well.

How to Tell If Your Water Well Is Drying Up

1. Murky Water

If you turn on your tap and the water looks muddy, tastes unpleasant, or emits a foul odor, your pump may be reaching the bottom of its supply. Sediments and chemicals at the bottom of the well tend to accumulate as the water supply dwindles, causing the substances to mix. Depending on the contents, it may even be unsafe to drink. Schedule a well inspection to evaluate the issue as soon as possible.

2. Sputtering Faucets

A sputtering tap usually means that air pockets have formed. If you’ve eliminated the possibility of a plumbing issue, the sputter can likely be attributed to a dwindling water level. When a well pump is attempting to draw water that isn’t there, it may begin pushing air through the plumbing system instead.

3. Lower Water Pressurewater well

Reduced water pressure can be a symptom of many issues. If you turn on the faucet and water seems to trickle out or build pressure at a slow rate, especially after heavy use, you’ll need to call a professional to identify the source. You may be dealing with clogged pipes, an insufficient main supply line, or a drying water well.

4. Pump Problems

Well pumps work by building pressure and pushing water into the pipes. If they seem to be running longer than usual or frequently switching on and off, it means the pump is struggling to force water into your well system. The more you use a pump in this state, the more worn out and prone to breaking down it becomes.

5. Similar Issues Next Door

You may not be the only one experiencing these abnormalities. Talk to your closest neighbors about the state of their water levels, ask if they’re having similar troubles, and see if they’ve contacted any water well services. If you draw from a common water source, working with your neighbors will help you determine if the water table is truly declining.


If any of these problems are affecting the quality and availability of your water supply, reach out to the experts at Kandy Kane Water Well. Serving residents throughout southeast New Mexico, they provide all of the services you need to keep your water well running efficiently, from maintenance to emergency repairs. Their team is committed to holding a direct line of communication with clients, so they are eager to answer questions and keep you informed about their process. Call (575) 390-1017 to discuss your needs with a helpful technician and set up an inspection. For more information about services, visit their website.