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A First Timer's Guide to Therapy October 9, 2019

Winona, Winona
A First Timer's Guide to Therapy, Winona, Minnesota

Despite measures to destigmatize mental health care in recent decades, many patients are still apprehensive to attend their first therapy appointment. However, this hesitation stems from a natural fear of the unknown. If you’re hoping to prepare for your first session by learning what to expect, dive into the following guide.

A Brief Guide to Therapy Sessions

Opening Up

Before a therapist can offer you guidance or feedback, they’ll need to learn about who you are and what you may be dealing with. They’ll likely begin your first session by asking you to tell them a bit about yourself. But don’t think of this as a date or a job interview; you don’t have to portray yourself in a particular light when talking to a therapist.

Just do your best to remain honest and open, as if you were talking to a close friend. They may also ask if anything is bothering you, and what your goals are for the near future. While you speak, your therapist may take notes so they can refer to them at future appointments.

Solving Problems

As your therapist absorbs the information you provide, they’ll listen without judgment. Because of confidentiality laws, you won’t have to worry about them telling anyone else about your life.

therapyWhile they won’t interrupt you, they make take opportunities to ask questions to learn more about your thoughts or feelings. Ultimately, their goal is to help you resolve problems and give you the tools to do the same on your own. You can also choose a therapist based on their specialty—such as sleep or couples therapy—or the methods they use to help you, from hypnosis to art.

Completing Assignments 

At the end of your session, your therapist may suggest some homework for you to complete before your next visit. Unlike school, this homework won’t be graded or critiqued. It’s meant to solely benefit you and make your next session more rewarding.

For example, patients dealing with anxiety may be encouraged to journal about their feelings, so they can start to notice patterns and triggers. Others may be encouraged to reach out to a distant family member who has been on their mind.


If you’re eager to get started on your therapy journey, set an appointment at Winona Counseling Clinic, Inc. They have been helping clients in Winona, MN, find happiness since 1987, whether they are dealing with addiction or family tensions. Whether or not something is bothering you, a therapy session could help you learn more about yourself and find ways to manifest your ideal reality. To schedule a session, call (507) 454-3900, or visit the website.