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3 Reasons to Choose Stone for Outdoor Stairs October 16, 2019

Grant, Lancaster
3 Reasons to Choose Stone for Outdoor Stairs, Grant, Nebraska

If your outdoor living space has a raised deck or if your house rests on top of a slope, you’ll likely need to install stairs to get to the lower level. Alternatively, the stairs you have may need to be replaced. Although concrete is a popular material used for open-air fixtures, natural stone can stand up better to the elements, among its other advantages. 

Why Stone Is a Worthwhile Investment for Exterior Stairs

1. Natural Aesthetic 

From chocolatey brown to dark grey and rosy beige, natural stone comes in a kaleidoscope of earth tones. All slabs feature different hues, which will make your stairs completely unique. Regardless of the color you choose, it’s natural look will fit in seamlessly with your landscaping design versus some other material choices, for a more cohesive outdoor living space.

2. Durability

outdoor living spaceWhen concrete is exposed to moisture, sunlight, and chemicals in the air, the seal could deteriorate. When the loose aggregates are exposed, they could shift under people’s feet, increasing the risk of tumbles—as well as your potential liability. As natural stone doesn’t contain aggregates, it won’t deteriorate like concrete. It’s not porous like wooden steps, which means it won’t swell and crack either.  

3. Maintenance

When compared to other materials, upkeep requirements for natural stone stairs is relatively minimal. To maintain the appearance, you just have to wash the stairs with an acid-free cleaning solution. Wooden fixtures need regular staining to prevent warping, while concrete needs to be sealed to stop cracking and corrosion.


To help create the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted, contact the staff at Dreamscapes in Lincoln, NE. For nearly three decades, they have been installing patios, stairs, and other hardscaping elements to clients’ properties throughout Lancaster County. To see how they will transform yours, call (402) 421-7496. See photos of the team’s finished projects on the company website and Facebook page. 

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