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3 Reasons Every Law Firm Should Use Videoconferencing October 23, 2019

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3 Reasons Every Law Firm Should Use Videoconferencing, Honolulu, Hawaii

Taking witness statements and conducting depositions can put an enormous strain on small law firms, especially when the other parties are located several states away or on another island. Whether you operate a solo practice or a large office with a team of attorneys, videoconferencing is the perfect alternative to traveling in person or conducting interviews over the phone. Here are a few reasons why every law firm can benefit from videoconferencing technology.

3 Advantages of Using Videoconferencing Technology

1. Lower Costs

Reducing expenses allows you to offer more favorable rates to your clients without sacrificing profitability. Videoconferencing eliminates the need to pay for travel, which can add thousands of dollars to a case’s costs.

2. Increased Productivity

law firmVideoconferencing technology gives you the power to meet with clients and colleagues frequently and address issues as they arise. Reducing the need for travel also means your attorneys and paralegals can stay in the office and work on other cases instead of spending precious time in transit.

3. Practice Expansion

With videoconferencing, small law firms without considerable resources can take cases even if the parties are on another island. Easy, affordable communication also helps you build relationships with law offices in other areas, expanding your professional network and the scope of your practice.

4. Reliable Accuracy

Phone calls can be challenging to transcribe, meaning there may be gaps in the record, which can impact your case if you’re holding a deposition or participating in a hearing. Many videoconferencing platforms have built-in recording technology that your transcriptionist can use to create an accurate, detailed record of the proceeding.


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