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Dealing With IRS Harassment? The Gil Law Firm's Attorneys Can Help September 29, 2015

Dothan, Houston
Dealing With IRS Harassment? The Gil Law Firm's Attorneys Can Help, Dothan, Alabama

When you owe back taxes, it can be extremely stressful, partly because the IRS has special collections abilities other creditors don't have. Their agents may show up unannounced at your home or even your workplace, and you may receive letters threatening to garnish your wages and seize your property. As the attorneys at The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, note, these threats are far from empty, and are meant to intimidate you into paying. Without a skilled lawyer with experience dealing with the IRS on your side, you may find yourself facing very serious financial consequences.

Unlike other creditors, the IRS isn't required to obtain a court order before garnishing your wages. All they have to do is send your employer a notice, and your employer will then withhold a portion of every paycheck and send it to the government. In most states, the IRS is allowed to take up to 25% of your disposable income, which makes difficult financial times even harder for most people. To make matters worse, they're also empowered to seize all of the funds in any bank account you own.

In addition to wage garnishment and seizures, the IRS can also put a levy on your personal property, essentially meaning that you cannot sell your house or car until the debt is paid off. Unlike other debt situations, these levies can’t be discharged in a bankruptcy, meaning that when the IRS is harassing you for payment it's in your best interest to act quickly.

If you’re dealing with the IRS regarding back taxes, don’t deal with the problems alone. Visit The Gil Law Firm online to learn more about how they can help, or schedule a consultation by calling (334) 673-0100 today.

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