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4 Laundry Mistakes You Could Be Making October 15, 2019

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4 Laundry Mistakes You Could Be Making, Dothan, Alabama

If you’re like most people, you probably think you have the laundry process under control. Keep in mind that there are several minor mistakes you can make that may result in dirty clothes or cause damage to certain items. Avoiding the following mistakes will ensure you preserve your favorite fashion items.

Are You Making These Laundry Mistakes?

1. Leaving Zippers Open

Zippers and clips on clothing can snag other items, especially sweaters. Make sure zippers on jeans are closed and that bras and other items are clipped together before washing. You can also purchase mesh laundry bags for particularly delicate items that have hardware so that they get clean without damaging your other clothes.

2. Pouring Detergent Onto Clothes

To properly wash clothing, you must add the clothes, pour in the water, then pour in detergent. This makes for better dispersal of soap throughout the water, which can get your clothing cleaner. Too much detergent attached to an item can create soapy buildup that causes skin irritation; too little detergent on other pieces will leave items dirty.

3. Not Sorting All Your Clothing

laundry-dothan-alWhile sorting your lights and darks, take it a step further by sorting different types of clothing. For instance, separate heavy fabrics from lighter ones, and separate highly soiled clothing from items that are mildly dirty. This allows you to select a more appropriate heat, load size, and washing cycle — such as delicate or permanent press.

4. Scrubbing Stains Before Washing

Scrubbing a stain can make it spread. Instead, take a wet cloth and mild soap and dab at the stain as soon as possible, starting from a clean spot of fabric and working your way toward it. You can also let a spot cleaner or club soda sit on the stain for a period before dabbing so that the stain lifts a bit, further preventing damage while you clean.


When you’re in doubt or busy, leave the washing and drying to the professionals. Along with their highly efficient self-service machines, Park Avenue Coin Laundry also offers cleaning and folding service to customers in Dothan, AL. Your items will be available for same-day pickup so you can look forward to fast and convenient service. If you’re interested in using their self-service machines, take advantage of on-site ATMs with an unbelievably low service fee of just $1. Stop by today or call (334) 678-0800 for more information. You can also visit the website to learn more about the services this laundromat offers.

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