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Is It Time to Replace Your Tires? October 17, 2019

Eastside, Paterson
Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?, Paterson, New Jersey

Tires are made to last for years. Although they provide essential safety features, such as traction, they require routine maintenance to ensure they can continue to function correctly. However, they must eventually be replaced to ensure you and your passengers remain safe. Below are a few signs that indicate you need a replacement.

3 Signs You Need New Tires

1. They’re Balding

Regardless of how long you've owned your current set, if they’re balding, it’s wise to replace them soon. Balding wheels provide no traction support, which makes it dangerous to operate your vehicle in wet conditions. Inspect the tread depth by performing the penny check. Insert a penny into your tire's tread grooves with Lincoln's head pointing down and facing you. If you can see his entire head, it’s time to replace them for ones that provide proper traction. 

2. Your Car Shakes When Driving

wheelsIf your car shakes when you drive, it may mean that there is an issue with the tires. Your wheels may be out of balance or there may be an issue with the interior of your tires. To properly diagnose and fix the problem, schedule an appointment at a shop so the technicians can properly align the wheels and check for ruptured or faulty wheels. 

3. Damaged Sidewall

The sidewalls help your car absorb shock when you drive over potholes and cracks. When it gets punctured or damaged, it will leak air and prevent the rubber from protecting your car against deep cracks and uneven surfaces on the road. The sidewall usually bears the tire’s information, such as its size and type, so when you head to a shop, make sure to purchase an exact match so that your wheels remain balanced. 



When it’s time to replace your tires, head to 21 Ave Tire Repair in Paterson, NJ. These professionals carry a huge selection of premium brands for every car model to help you get back on the road. They will help you select the best tire for your vehicle. Visit their website to learn more about their services or call (973) 225-0923.

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