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A Guide to Keeping Your Elderly Parent Social October 15, 2019

Lakeville, Livingston
A Guide to Keeping Your Elderly Parent Social, Lakeville, New York

As people enter their senior years, it can become more difficult physically and emotionally for them to stay socially engaged. Visiting doctors and interacting with home health care providers are valuable parts of a senior’s life, but they are no substitutes for an active social life. If you’re concerned about your elderly parent being isolated, there are ways you can help them become more socially active. Here’s what you need to know. 

Social Interaction & Seniors

Why It’s Important for Seniors to Stay Social

Research shows a strong correlation between social engagement, physical health, and mental health for seniors. Elderly people who become isolated are more likely to become depressed, experience elevated blood pressure, and have higher levels of interleukin-6, a group of proteins associated with numerous age-related ailments, including Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers.

Interacting with others—including friends, family members, neighbors, and home health care workers—also helps seniors stay safe because they have people who can assist them in case of trouble.

How to Keep Your Senior Parent Social

home health careMany seniors isolate themselves because they feel self-conscious about physical issues, such as mobility problems, incontinence, and hearing loss, so begin by addressing these issues with your parent, their doctors, and home health care providers. When your parent feels confident enough to interact more, encourage them to dine out with others, attend worship services, and join social clubs. If transportation is an obstacle for your parent, offer to provide or arrange it.

With their working and childrearing years behind them, many seniors feel their daily lives lack meaning, so seek out volunteer opportunities and hobbies that can renew your parent’s sense of purpose.

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