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Do I Need a New Pair of Glasses? November 11, 2019

Spencerport, Monroe
Do I Need a New Pair of Glasses?, Spencerport, New York

When’s the last time you visited the eye doctor for a new pair of glasses? Your vision is important, but it’s easy to put off an appointment to update your prescription or change your lenses. If you notice any of the following issues, head to your eye doctor for a fresh pair right away.

3 Signs You Need New Glasses

1. Squinting

If you find yourself squinting when reading or looking at nearby objects, this is a clear indication that you’re having trouble seeing objects up close and might need a new prescription.  You might also have a similar physical reaction when looking at objects in the distance. This is the body’s natural way of adjusting to improve clarity, but your glasses should be doing this for you. 

2. Frequent Headaches

eye doctorIf your glasses aren’t right for you, you could be putting constant strain on your eyes. Your body will attempt to work around the problem — for example, by making you squint or crane your neck. This increases tension, which can lead to headaches. Additionally, the muscles inside your eyes will strain in an attempt to see better, causing pain in your forehead and across your brow.

3. Lens Damage

It’s natural for even your prized possessions to endure some wear and tear over time. Nicks and scratches on the surface of the lenses indicate they’ve reached the end of their usable life span. Even if your lenses are relatively new, damage will lead to poorer visibility and additional squinting or strain. Keeping your glasses in a case or resting them on your bedside table can help prevent damage.



If you believe it’s high time for a new lens prescription or pair of glasses, head to Spencerport Optical of Monroe County, NY. These eye doctors have over 32 years of experience providing exams and writing prescriptions for their clients. From designer frames to contact lenses, you can find the right visual aid to meet your needs. To learn more about this business’s offerings, visit their website or call (585) 352-1960 today.