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3 Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair October 15, 2019

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3 Signs You Need Dishwasher Repair, Delhi, Ohio

It’s easy to take your dishwasher for granted when it remains in good working order. If it breaks down, though, you’ll immediately find a mountain of dirty plates to wash. Thankfully, you can prevent a total system failure. By familiarizing yourself with some of the earliest signs of trouble, you’ll know when to schedule dishwasher repair or replacement promptly. 

How to Tell if Your Dishwasher Needs Service 

1. The Dishes Don’t Feel Hot 

If the dishes don't feel hot to the touch right after a cycle has finished, your dishwasher isn't doing its job. Regardless of whether you run a quick wash or a deep clean, the machine should reach a relatively high temperature for the final rinse—at least 150 degrees—to sanitize everything properly. If the machine doesn’t fall around that temperature, there's an issue with the heating coil, which is responsible for heating the tap water. 

2. The Machine Is Leaking 

dishwasher repairA dishwasher in good working order will be watertight. You should never see water dripping down the front, out of the sides, or at the bottom of the machine. As soon as you notice dripping or pooling water, turn off the machine and see if you can identify the precise location of the leak. Pinpointing the source of the leak will help to ensure you clean up all the spilled water. Because there are many possible causes of leaks, from worn door seals to blocked drain pumps, a professional should perform comprehensive troubleshooting. 

3. The Bottom Is Rusting

Take a paper towel or white rag and wipe the bottom of the dishwasher and the floor underneath it periodically. If you come up with brown or reddish flakes, the machine is rusting. That means water is dripping out of the unit and onto various metal components. Depending on the extent of the corrosion, replacement may be necessary. 


If you recognize any of the above signs, schedule dishwasher repair right away with Complete Appliance Service located in Fort Wright, KY. Since 1980, this appliance contractor has been serving homeowners throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Their knowledgeable technicians are equipped to work on all brands of washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and other essential appliances. To request a quote, reach out online or call (513) 661-3708. 

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