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Does a Clean Home Reduce Stress? November 6, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
Does a Clean Home Reduce Stress? , Brooklyn, New York

If you wouldn’t describe your home as spotless or uncluttered, you’re not alone. Many people don’t have the time or energy for constant house cleaning, which can also make them feel bad. If your mess is giving you stress, here’s why.

How Stress Is Related to House Cleaning

How Does Clutter Affect Mood?

Studies show people feel more anxious and overwhelmed when they’re surrounded by clutter and dirt at home. Those feelings can affect their happiness and feelings of self-worth, sometimes leading to generalized anxiety and even depression.

There are many reasons that mess and clutter at home can powerfully affect your mood. The most notable is that looking at your clutter can make you feel negligent. You know you need house cleaning, but the task can be daunting, so you may procrastinate or never get to it at all.

Scientists say observing constant mess and clutter can assault the senses with a storm of visual stimuli. The barrage shatters your ability to feel calm, focused, and in control. Meanwhile, doing nothing creates more feelings of guilt and even lower self-esteem, especially when you know other people can see your mess.

Why Does Having a Clean Home Make You Feel Good?

house cleaningLuckily, the stress of a dirty home will dissipate when you take action. Research indicates clearing away dirt and clutter achieves fast results when it comes to relieving anxiety and depression. Living in clean surroundings contributes to the feeling of calmness and well-being as you regain control of your world again.

Moreover, having a clean home is healthy. Regular house cleaning eliminates the hazards of messes that can spawn mold intrusion, pest infestation, and bacterial proliferation. One study demonstrated that people residing in clean living spaces were generally more active overall, indicating that having a clean home is a major contributor to lasting health.


If busy schedules or physical limitations make it hard to keep your home spotless, the trusted house cleaning professionals at Right Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY, are here to help. Handling cleaning jobs from vacuuming and sweeping to laundry service, they strive for 100% customer satisfaction. To have their experts help clear your mess, call (212) 655-7153 or learn more about their services online.

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