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3 Meaningful Ideas for a Headstone October 30, 2019

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3 Meaningful Ideas for a Headstone, Fort Worth, Texas

A headstone allows families to portray how important their loved one was to them. But how do you decide on the right engravings to put on the headstone? It’s never easy, but here are several meaningful inscriptions to consider when thinking about how you want the memory of your loved one to live on.

Inscriptions to Put on a Headstone

1. Personal Information

Aside from basic information on a headstone, you can take it a step further and include phrases such as beloved son or daughter, husband or wife, sister or aunt, mother, or father. These are simple reminders of how important your family member was and how many people they touched in their life. 

2. Favorite Quote or Poem

headstoneIf your family member had a favorite quote or poem, consider adding this to the back of the headstone. If they had a sense of humor, you might also include their favorite joke, punch line, or phrase. With these quotes etched in stone, you can ensure that their memory will live on. You might also hear it come up at the next family reunion.

3. Bible Verse 

If your loved one was religious, their favorite Bible verse is a good option to include on their headstone. People who visit their gravesite could draw inspiration from the quote and it can be a reminder of how strong your loved one’s faith was. This is also a great way to honor their memory and to feel close to them every time you visit. 


Planning a funeral can be a stressful and difficult time. So can deciding on what your loved one would want on their headstone. To help, the family-oriented and knowledgeable staff at Fort Worth Monument in Tarrant County, TX, is here for you. They know just how important your loved one is, and they’ll treat you like family through the entire process. To get a free estimate from them today, call (817) 625-2721 or check out their gallery of work online

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