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A Brief Guide to Hand Therapy October 14, 2019

Andalusia, Covington
A Brief Guide to Hand Therapy, Andalusia, Alabama

You might be familiar with physical therapy; however, if you’re experiencing a specific malady that affects your hand, wrist, or other associated part, you may benefit from hand therapy. This is a therapeutic approach to treatment that is designed to help you find relief from your chronic discomfort. Here’s what you need to know.

What You Should Know About Hand Therapy

Who Performs the Work?

You should only hire a hand therapist who is licensed, accredited, and experienced. The most effective professionals are either occupational or physical therapists who possess a combination of clinical background work and education in the field. Both of these are critical because they allow the practitioner to better understand the nature of your pain, the potential for relief, and the best way to treat your symptoms.

What Are the Credentials?

Andalusia-AL-hand-therapyQualified individuals can receive certified hand therapy — CHT — credentials by meeting a few standards in the physical therapy industry. First, they must serve in the field for at least five years at minimum. Then they must accumulate no less than 4,000 hours of work on disorders associated with the hands. This includes not only the hand itself, but also the wrist, shoulder, forearm, and elbow. To receive the certification, they must also pass an exam.

How Are They Helpful?

While you may visit a medical professional for your initial injury, it’s possible that they might recommend you seek physical therapy for relief. This is often performed in addition to other treatments  to improve the person’s quality of life.

Because the hands are so vital to everyday living, hand therapists play a significant role in helping people relearn activities that they once performed daily. For example, people with arthritis may benefit from new techniques that allow them to move with greater ease. Those with neurological conditions might be advised to work with a therapist who can help them regain use of their hands.

Are you concerned about a possible hand injury? Turn to the experts at Physical Therapy of Andalusia. Proudly serving clients throughout Alabama, the physical therapy clinic is committed to your care and comfort. From hand therapy to treatments for neck, back, and knee pain, these practitioners are ready to help you seek relief from your pain. Visit them online for information, or call (334) 222-5785 to schedule an appointment.

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