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3 Reasons You Should Have Spare Keys Made October 22, 2019

Perry, Franklin
3 Reasons You Should Have Spare Keys Made, Perry, Ohio

Having only one key for your home or car is risky. If you lose or misplace it, you’ll need a locksmith to save the day. People tend not to think about spare keys until they need them. If you haven’t made extra copies of your keys yet, here are three reasons why you should.  

The Benefits of Spare Keys

1. Prevent Lockouts

Though most people say it’ll never happen to them, almost everyone has dealt with an accidental lockout in their life. All it takes is a moment’s distraction, and suddenly you’re locked out of your house or car. With a spare key, your distress is momentary. Without one, you’ll experience inconvenience and frustration that may last hours. Rather than hoping for the best, have a spare key made so you’re never stuck without access. 

2. Reduce Chance of a Key Break

LocksmithLost or forgotten keys aren’t the only reasons people get locked out of their homes and cars. Broken keys may also be contributing factors to lockouts. Keys don’t last forever. With time and use, their teeth may become brittle and worn. One day a key inserted into a lock may break when you turn it, and you’ll need a locksmith to get inside. With a spare key, you can swap sets to reduce wear and minimize breaks. 

3. Access for Multiple Users

If you’re giving someone access to your car or home while you’re on vacation, having a spare set of keys is a welcome convenience. You can distribute extra keys to trusted associates and avoid the hassle of having to trade off a single set of keys. 


Are you looking for a reliable locksmith in your area? Expert Lock and Key provides mobile auto, residential, and commercial locksmith services throughout Columbus, OH. This family-owned and -operated business specializes in deadbolt installations, rekeying, and lock bumping and picking to help clients manage access to their cars and property. Learn more about their services online, or call them today at (614) 329-3899. 

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