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3 Tips on How to Protect Pavement During Fall & Winter November 14, 2019

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3 Tips on How to Protect Pavement During Fall & Winter, Dothan, Alabama

When you begin to compile your fall and winter chores, do you include pavement maintenance on your checklist? Taking preventative measures to protect against cold-weather damage to your asphalt will pay off. A paving contractor can maintain your asphalt during mild fall weather before the cold sets in. Here’s how you can help your asphalt make it through to spring.

How to Protect Your Pavement in Winter & Fall

1. Fill Cracks

A small crack may look harmless, but any fissure in your asphalt will allow water to get into the ground layers. The more water that gets into your pavement, the larger the cracks get. If the water then freezes, gaping crevasses will appear on your once-smooth surface. Regularly fill in any cracks that appear before they turn into a significant problem.

2. Apply a Seal Coat

Just as you would apply a varnish over a wood floor, a seal coat works the same way for asphalt. A professional paving contractor will clear your asphalt completely, leaving no debris on the surface. Once the surface is dry, they’ll apply a clear seal across the paving, and this protects it from water, oil, and heavy vehicle damage.

3. Be Aware of Surface Changes

paving-contractor-dothan-alIf you notice puddles, something could be going on beneath the surface of your pavement. You may have a problem with the sub-base, which could create a pothole if ignored. You may also have a drainage problem, which may be fixed with porous asphalt or drain installation. Regardless, you shouldn’t leave water sitting on your pavement during the winter.


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