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What Influences How Often My Car Needs an Oil Change? October 14, 2019

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What Influences How Often My Car Needs an Oil Change?, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

One of the most common maintenance tasks you must perform on your car is an oil change. Still, many drivers struggle with knowing when to bring in their vehicles. If you’re wondering what affects the frequency of oil changes, consider the informative guide below.

3 Factors That Influence Oil Change Frequency

1. Oil Type

The quality of the oil that you insert into your engine will affect its longevity. For example, you will have to change the less expensive, conventional engine oil more often than synthetic oil. The main difference between these two oil types is refinement—synthetic oil is highly refined, so it stays thin and smooth for longer periods. It also retains these qualities better in colder temperatures.

2. Engine Type

oil changeYou should also take into account the type of engine taking the oil. For most cars, refer to the owner’s manual and find the manufacturer’s recommendation for oil change frequency. As a general rule of thumb, you can wait for around 5,000 miles between each oil change. However, if your vehicle has a diesel fuel or turbocharged engine, its oil supply will get dirty much faster, and you should schedule oil changes more often.

3. Driving Conditions

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, such as relentlessly hot summers or sub-freezing winters, you’ll need more frequent oil changes than someone who lives in a temperate climate. City dwellers—who more often drive short distances and sit in stop-and-go traffic—will also wear out their engine oil faster, as it has less time to warm up and work properly. Hauling a trailer or driving at high altitudes also increases the frequency of your oil changes.


Despite all these factors, oil changes shouldn’t be a stressful guessing game. Take your vehicle to All Around Auto Care in Elizabethtown, KY, and ask for a professional opinion on the state of your oil. Their staff has been performing auto repair and maintenance tasks for 12 years, as well as providing towing services. To learn more about their offerings, visit the website, or call (270) 737-9954 to schedule an appointment.

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